Images of Rights: Children’s Perspectives

child's colorful painting of a sad girl

Collecting children’s artwork and stories that show how they experience their rights to protection, provision and participation

Images of Rights: Children’s Perspectives is a project of the World Forum Foundation Working Group on Children’s Rights, which focuses on advocacy for children’s rights, awareness of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC), and the broader issues of social, economic, and environmental justice for children.

We use the concepts of protection, provision and participation to explain the basic content of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. While the Convention gives direction at the national level, rights are experienced one child at a time.

Whether children can verbally express their rights or not, they experience them in their everyday lives. For children, these experiences are elemental – the fabric of their lives. They are not the political, debated processes of adults. For children, protection, provision and participation mean feeling safe and having food to eat when they are hungry, a sense of place, and others with whom to share thoughts, ideas and the daily tasks and joys of living. Children know when these are lacking, insecure and/or hurtful. They express their understanding of their fundamental rights through the images they create and the stories they tell.

We invite you to join us by thoughtfully collecting and submitting artwork and stories from children and viewing artwork and stories contributed by others:

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